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December 2013

Deck the Halls: Think Fire Safety and Watch the Christmas Tree According to the National Fire Protection Association, 50 percent of house fires occur in December. The usual culprit? Tannenbaums. read more.

November 2013

How to Prevent Grinch Visits Over the Holidays Here's a warning as the holiday season approaches: Wrapped presents don't just excite kids - they tantalize burglars. read more.

October 2013

Healthcare Update - Affordable Care Act We know that many people are confused about healthcare reform, and particularly the insurance exchange, which opened up this week read more.

September 2013

Time to Get Ready for Next Year's Healthcare Changes As 2014 approaches, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will bring many changes not only for American citizens, but also for doctors and insurance companies. read more...

August 2013

Warning! Letting Your Policy Lapse Could Cost You We've all had moments when we kick ourselves for forgetting something. You get home from the market and realize you've forgotten one ingredient for dinner. You've forgotten read more..

July 2013

It's Hurricane Season: Have You Got the Right Coverage? The typical hurricane season lasts from June until November; if your home is located in a vulnerable location (and that’s basically anywhere in Florida), it’s essential you have read more..

June 2013

Don't Be a Victim of These Contractor Scams. The recent popularity in do-it-yourself repairs and renovations has many homeowners rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. Replacing a faucet may be easy, but installing a roof or dishwasher can be read more..

May 2013

Put Your Home Insurance Dollars Where They'll Count. Insurance is probably the least exciting part of buying a home, but it's one of the most important. Buying the right amount of coverage is essential to protecting your home and your assets. read more..

April 2013

Save Dollars and Heartaches with a Home Inspection There's nothing quite as much fun as spending money to furnish your new home. Unless it's that feeling of satisfaction that comes with a careful inspection by an accredited home inspector.read more..

March 2013

Be Safe, Not Sorry with Separate Motorcycle Coverage. Riding motorcycles is an American tradition. Whether you choose a dirt bike or a street bike that requires liability insurance, you must still consider the cost of replacing it if it's damaged or stolen. read more..

February 2013

Is it Time to Revisit Your Decision on Life Insurance? Chances are, if you have a comprehensive financial plan, you have considered life insurance. However, if you decided you don't need it, you may want to revisit that choice. read more..

January 2013

Take These Steps So Your Home Doesn't Shout, 'We're Away' Whether you're taking off for a holiday in the sun or a visit with relatives out of town, here's something you don't want to forget. read more..

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